Spotlight: Southern Vermont Arts Center

Work by Terry Hauptman.

Work by Terry Hauptman.

Southern Vermont Arts Center

Under the leadership of Hadrien Redouin, the new Gallery Manager at the Southern Vermont Arts Center in Manchester, the galleries and museum-size exhibition spaces has become southwestern Vermont’s newest destination for both cutting-edge and more traditional contemporary art.

Hugh Joudry, “The Great Cackler” (5.5 ft.).

Hugh Joudry, “The Great Cackler” (5.5 ft.).

The Wilson Museum and Galleries currently features a twenty-year retrospective of David Brewster’s dynamic landscapes, is up until Oct. 3. Yester House, a collection of eleven galleries, houses individual artists’ solo shows.

Opening Oct. 9, and going until Dec. 3, will be a joint show in one of the large galleries of Wilson: paintings by Terry Hauptman and sculpture by Hugh Joudry. Characterized as “outsider art” by some (such as Raw Vision magazine), Hauptman shows wall-spanning “scrolls” that are homages to the dancing, elliptical spirit of her Hebraic heritage. Hauptman’s scrolls are also inspired by, and evocative of, ancient Celtic, Mesopotamian and Native American iconography.

Hugh Joudry’s wood sculptures, carved over the past four decades in the forest setting of his studio in Wardsboro, Vermont, from native Vermont wood, are redolent of African, primitive carved objects, full of numinous mystical references, and are at the same time sophisticated forms. Both artists have known each other for decades and been inspired by one another’s work.

During this same period, in Wilson House, will be Robert Van Degna’s “King Biscuit Festival,” Photography about the oldest Blues festival; and Scott J Morgan’s sculptures, guitars refurbished to art.

A themed exhibit — “Pick your Color” — runs thru Oct. 16. Work for this exhibit was gathered from a national call.

From Oct. 22 to Dec. 11, 11 winter solo shows take place in the Yester House galleries. The Winter Member Show runs Dec. 17 to Feb. 5.

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