Shared printmaking space opens in Brattleboro

SOVAL-07.fob.printmakers.0004Make your own fine art-work or art-wear at the newly opened Brattleboro Printmakers— a non-toxic, water based silkscreen studio open to membership 24/7 by code entry access. Brattleboro Printmakers provides emulsion, a UV exposure unit, wash-out booth, vacuum tables and 4-color turnstiles for artists to produce their work in a collective setting. Membership includes constant access, equipment, online portfolio representation, monthly & annual exhibition opportunities and public learning session options. Brattleboro Printmakers is centrally located adjacent to the Transportation Center and within walking distance to nearby Amtrak train from NYC and Montreal, local and national bus services. Rates: $800/year, $425/6 mo, $225/3 mo, $80/mo. Day rates: $25 for 4 hours with a technician. Not a printmaker? Become a collector. Original handmade prints by local artists available for sale.

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