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“That Is to Say,” 2010. Oil, isobutyl methacrylate, pencil, and crayon on paper mounted to panel, 19 x 24 in.

Pat Adams, “That Is to Say,” 2010. Oil, isobutyl methacrylate, pencil, and crayon on paper mounted to panel, 19 x 24 in.

Bennington Center for the Arts

44 Gypsy Lane, Bennington

10a to 5p, Mon-Sun (Closed Mon), 802 442-7158

Ongoing: Exhibitions by many of the country’s most prestigious groups, along with artists chosen to participate in shows that we annually curate, have given The Bennington a reputation for exhibiting only world-class art in an elegant, state-of-the-art facility. At the Covered Bridge Museum, discover the history and legends of covered bridges in the world’s sole museum dedicated to their preservation. Also with us: a variety of remarkable wind sculptures—some up to 27 feet tall.

Bennington Museum

75 Main St., Route 9, Bennington

10a to 5p (Closed Wed), 802 477-1571

Feb 4-May 21: Holding the Line: Ceramic Sculpture by Stanley Rosen. By the late 1950s, Stanley Rosen was in the vanguard of American ceramics. He was one of a small cohort—among them Peter Voulkos, John Mason, and Ken Price—who revolutionized ceramics, making of it a freely inventive and richly expressive art form liberated from the practical requirements of vessel making and the conventions of the craft tradition. April 1- June 18: Gatherum of Quiddities: Paintings by Pat Adams. Ongoing: Gilded Age Vermont, Bennington Modernism, Grandma Moses Schoolhouse, and more.

Pat Adams, “Voicing,” 1979. Acrylic, charcoal and crushed mica and eggshells on paper, 23.75 x 17.25 inches.

Pat Adams, “Voicing,” 1979. Acrylic, charcoal and crushed mica and eggshells on paper, 23.75 x 17.25 inches.

Brattleboro Museum & Art Center

10 Vernon St., Brattleboro

11a to 5p (Closed Tue), 802 257-0124

Thru Feb 6: A celebration of paint, Luscious investigates the myriad ways in which artists make conscious statements of painterly intent. In command of their medium, these artists believe in the beauty of paint itself and explore and exploit its materiality, pushing technique to the edge. Thru Feb 6: Rust Work. Artist Paul Bowen fashions found wood and metal into dynamic works of art. Neither representational nor figurative, his work is formal, additive, and abstract—but not without meaning. Each sculpture is rich with associations because the materials emanate their history and purpose. The works have a talismanic energy beyond their formal beauty. Thru Feb 6: Windows to Creative Expression. Young poets and artists from the Poetry Studio reflect the fresh nature of the young poet’s voice that also jolts adults awake from the sleep of their world-weariness. Thru Jan 8: Eyes Toward Heaven. Artist Chris Page creates an immersive installation that brings us back to the childhood act of cloud gazing. In this space time slows as we contemplate minute shifts in color and form. Page’s clouds possess their own internal, pictorial logic and materiality. While each component painting is a beautiful abstraction, together they offer a portrait of the sky in motion. Thru Jan 8: From Luminous Shade. A moving testament to the restorative power of art. Three artists mourn the untimely passing of their sons. Vermont painter Margaret Kannenstine, Italian poet Giuseppe Ungaretti, and poet and translator Ann McGarrell. Jan 14-March 5: Change Your Mind: Carolyn Enz Hack. An immersive installation composed of layers of mesh, screens, and reflective surfaces undulating above and around the viewer. Jan 14-March 5: Open Call NXNE 2017. Showcasing artists working in photography, video, and digital art. Feb 18-March 5: Vermont Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. Recognizes and nurtures the talents of Vermont’s teen artists and writers. March 18-June 18: Glasstastic. A celebration of imagination and ingenuity featuring kids’ drawings turned into glass sculptures.

Joshua Farr, “Swimmer.” From Open Call NXNE 2017, thru Mar 5 at Brattleboro Museum & Art Center.

Joshua Farr, “Swimmer.” From Open Call NXNE 2017, thru Mar 5 at Brattleboro Museum & Art Center.

The Clark Art Institute

225 South St., Williamstown, Mass.

10a to 5p, Tue-Sun, 413 458-2303

Thru-April 2: Japanese Impressions. Color woodblock prints from the Rodbell Family Collection. The first exhibition in the history of the Clark to focus on Japanese prints from its permanent collection. Featuring selections from a foundational gift made in 2014 of 63 woodblock prints from the Rodbell Family Collection, as well as several loans from private collections, the exhibition highlights a century of Japanese color woodblock printing represented by three generations. Thru Feb 5: Photography and Discovery. The first extensive presentation to feature the Clark’s collection of 19th and early 20th century photography. Built over the past 18 years, the collection of primarily American, British, and European photographs now numbers more than 1,000 objects and echoes the strengths of the institute’s holdings in painting, sculpture, the decorative arts, prints, and drawings.

The Great Hall

100 River St., Springfield, 802 258-3992

Thru April: Signs of Life with Roger Sandes and Mary Welsh. Ongoing: The Great Hall is a dynamic community space underwritten by Springfield Regional Development Corporation celebrating an evolving vision embracing new ideas. Public art is an important element in giving a community a sense of place and can contribute to the revitalization of civic infrastructure. Programming that we consider in the Great Hall creates conversations about arts, culture and history, the environment, and social conditions.

Southern Vermont Arts Center, Yester House Gallery

West Road, Manchester

Tue-Sat 10a to 5p; Sun 12 to 5p, 802 362-2522, 362-1405

Thru Jan 15: Harmonic Resonance, featuring artists Terry Hauptman and Hugh Jourdry. May: Glass show by the Vermont Glass Association. Ongoing: Established in 1922, the Southern Vermont Arts Center provides cultural, educational, and creative opportunities for all ages. With a rotating calendar of member and guest exhibitions, the largest sculpture park in Vermont, and a busy schedule of dynamic classes for all ages, the Southern Vermont Arts Center has something for everyone.

The Nature Museum

186 Townshend Rd.

P.O Box 38, Grafton, 802 843-2111

Thursdays, 10a-4p

Make a day of exploring our curated collection of hands-on exhibits. There are plenty of opportunities to connect with nature and learn something new. Jan 14: Nature Crafts. Jan 19 and Feb 16: Mighty Acorns: Wild About Bears. Feb 18: Kindred Spirits: Animal Tracking and Winter Adaptations. Feb 15: Bryan Pfeiffer: Birds, Butterflies, Backyards and Beyond. Feb 16: Mighty Acorns: Snowshoeing. Feb 18: Kindred Spirits: Animal Tracking. Feb 21: Brave Bears. Feb 22: Wild Walkers. Feb 22: Susan Morse special program about climate change and Northern wildlife (held in Cavendish). March 16: Mighty Acorns: Marvelous Maple Syrup. March 18: Kindred Spirits: Magnificent Migrations. April 12: Alan Betts: The Climate Challenge Deepens (held in Chester).

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