At the Museums


At the Museums


Bennington Center for the Arts 44 Gypsy Lane, Bennington⌦10am to 5pm, Tues.-Sun. (Closed Mondays) 802 442-7158
Ongoing: Discover the history and legends of Vermont’s covered bridges in the world’s only museum dedicated to their preservation. Explore the exhibits on engineering, construction, tools, and creators.

Bennington Museum 75 Main Street, Rte. 9, Bennington⌦10am to 5pm (Closed Wednesdays), 802 477-1571
Feb. 1-April 25: “Vermont Impressions.” Drawn from the museum’s permanent collection, this exhibition will feature paintings in the impressionist vein dating largely from 1900-1950, including work by artists such as Clifford A Bayard, Horace Brown, Edwin B. Child and more. ■ May 22-Oct. 31: “State of Craft.” State of Craft is a landmark exhibition examining the evolution of the contemporary studio craft movement in Vermont.

Brattleboro Museum & Art Center 10 Vernon Street, Brattleboro 11am to 5pm (Closed Tuesdays), 802 257-0124
Through Feb. 21: Drawing Itself: A Survey of Contemporary Practice. Drawing Itself offers viewers the rare pleasure of exploring the frequently overlooked art form of drawing. ■ Back Through Black: Marcy Hermansader. Hermansader has constructed a series of collages inspired by and about darkness, giving us much to ponder: darkness as protective but menacing, providing cover but full of dangers. ■ Eric Aho: Ice Box. Aho’s work is a perfect synthesis of abstraction and representation, the general and the particular, process and memory. It is both original and a précis of contemporary and art historical influences. ■ Bill Long: Through The View. Bill Long’s illustrated book Through the View consists of a series of 32 colorful oil paintings that explore the idea of careful observation — with regard not only to what we as viewers see, but also to what the characters that “people” the pictures are looking at. ■  Joseph Fichter: Clarion Call. Joseph Fichter’s horse sculptures are more than descriptions of living animals: they are dynamic depictions of energy in motion. ■ March 28–July 11: Oblique, Acute and Sidelong. Group exhibit including works by Subhankar Banerjee, Maya Gold, Yvonne Jaquet and David Kapp. Curated by Mara Williams, BMAC chief curator. ■  Egg Tempera: Contemporary Masters. Includes work by Koo Shadler, Doug Safranek, ■ Altoon Sultan, Robert Vickrey, George Tooker, Suzanne Scherer & Pavel Ouporov, Fred Wessel and Robert Paul Saphier. Curated by Susan Calabria, BMAC educational curator ■  Cecily Kahn: Call and Response. Curated by Mara Williams. ■ The City of Salt: Nicholas Kahn & Richard Selesnck. Curated by Susan Calabria. ■ Symmetries: Ellen Dorn Levitt. Curated by Susan Calabria.

The Clark ■ 225 South Street, Williamstown, Mass.⌦10am to 5pm Tuesday through Sunday, 413 458-2303
Thru April 11: Material Witnesses: Photographs of Things. Drawn from the collections of the Clark and the Troob Family Foundation, and featuring works by William Henry Fox Talbot, Roger Fenton, and Eugène Atget. ■ Feb. 14-April 25: Giovanni Boldini in Impressionist Paris. These genre scenes, landscapes, city views, and casual portraits were inspired by both established artists and the emerging Impressionists.

Hildene Estate Route 7A, Manchester, 802 362-1788
Ongoing: The American Ideal: Abraham Lincoln and the Second Inaugural. This exhibit attempts to illuminate some of the personal qualities that made Abraham Lincoln the indelible part of the American psyche he remains today. ■ Vermont and the North Shire in the Civil War. This is the story of the Equinox Guards. It is the story shared by all soldiers, and all families, and all communities on both sides of the conflict.

The Nature Museum at Grafton  186 Townshend Rd.,
Grafton, 802 843-2111

The exhibits at The Nature Museum at Grafton encourage you to open the door to Vermont’s natural beauty. Innovative and interactive exhibits invite you to dig for fossils, discover minerals in a mine, watch honeybees at work in their hive (in season), or investigate underground life in a crawl through tunnel.

Robert Frost Stone House Museum 121 Rte. 7A, South Shaftsbury, 802 447-6200

Ongoing: Robert Frost: The Poetry of Agriculture. Explores Frost’s love of rural life. He always said his poems were based on real people and real experiences.

Smith College Museum of Art Elm Street at Bedford Terrace, Northampton, Mass. 10am-4pm Tues.-Sat., 12-4pm Sun.⌦, 413 585-2760
Through Feb. 28: Touch Fire: 94 vibrant and dynamic ceramic sculptures by 21 leading contemporary Japanese women artists working within and transforming a medium associated with men.  ■ Thru April 11: Kin and Kindred: Reflections on Childhood. By juxtaposing images from different eras and in a variety of media the exhibition seeks to examine historically-defined assumptions and judgments of childhood and child rearing. ■ Thru – March 31: Susan Hiller: What Every Gardener Knows is an audio installation by the internationally renowned artist Susan Hiller (Smith College class of 1961). Originally commissioned for the exhibition Genius Locii in Stadtpark Lahr, Schwarzwald, Germany in 2003, the piece is an electronically-timed carillon that plays music composed by the artist and based on Gregor Mendel’s theory of inherited traits in plants. ■ April 3 – June 15: A Room of Their Own: The Bloomsbury Artists in American Collections. A Room of Their Own exemplifies the breadth and strength of the complex artistic output of the visual artists associated with the Bloomsbury Group, focusing particularly on the work of Vanessa Bell, Duncan Grant, Roger Fry, and Dora Carrington. The exhibition features over 100 works —prints, paintings, watercolors, drawings, books from the Hogarth Press, and decorative works from the Omega Workshop (1910-1950s)—drawn from public and private collections in the U.S.

Southern Vermont Arts Center, Yester House Gallery  West Road, Manchester 10am to 5pm, Tues.-Sat., 12pm to 5pm,, 802 362-2522, 362-1405
Thru March 9: February’s exhibitions include artwork by Gerald Auten, Anne Harhay, Helen Young, Frances B. Ashforth, Susan Wadsworth, John MacDonald, Berta Burr and Tom Kerr. ■ March 13 to April 8: Art From Schools. Features work by Northshire area students from the elementary grades through high school. Opening reception March 13 from 2-4pm.

Vermont Folklife Center 88 Main Street, Middlebury 10am to 5pm Tues.-Sat., 802 388-7090
Thru Apr.: Exhibits Exploring Vermont Communities. A series of exemplary student projects shaped by the perspectives of ethnography and place-based education from Addison County and schools throughout the state.

Vermont Museum of Mining and Minerals 55 Pleasant St., Grafton, 802 875-3562

Ongoing: Learn about Vermont’s rich mining and mineral industries through displays on talc, soapstone, and the world-famous Vermont marble, granite and slate. See a spectacular two-foot crystallized fossil shell of a giant ammonite (a prehistoric marine invertebrate). Watch rocks go from mild to wild in a hands-on fluorescent mineral exhibit. Find out what fossils have been found in Vermont’s Lake Champlain region.

Ann Coleman Gallery 23 West Main Street, Wilmington
9am-5pm daily, 802 379-4305, 802 368-7090

Feb. 27 through March: New Works Show, 4-7 pm opening reception on Feb. 27. Local scenes in watercolor, and more. ■ May 29-30: Open Studio at the gallery, 9am–5pm.

Crow Hill Gallery 729 Flamstead Rd, Chester, 802 875-3763

New work by Jeanne Carbonetti. Includes watercolors from special series in still life, figure, and landscape. Also, the continuing display by renowned sculptor Jim Florschutz.

C.X. Silver Gallery 814 Western Avenue, Brattleboro 9am-9pm daily, by appointment or walk-in, 802 257-7898 ext. 2
Through Feb. 26: Tibetan Thangka Painting of Chuntui Lama. Thangkas are paintings on cloth scrolls mounted on brocade banners.

DaVallia Art and Accents⌦78 Common St., Chester, 802 875-1203

April 17–May 30: “Birds & Blossom” garden show. Blossoming bulbs in handcrafted planters, garden art, and birds galore.
Gallery 103 7 Pineview Drive, Chester 802 875-7400

Gallery 2 and Vermont Artisan Designs 106 Main Street, Brattleboro 10am-7pm, Mon.-Sat., 11am-4pm Sun.,,802 257-7044

Gallery in the Woods 145 Main Street, Brattleboro⌦Open daily 11am-5:30pm, Sunday 12-5, 802 257-4777
Thru Feb 28: Lauren Watrous introduces a new body of abstract oil paintings. Also introducing abstract work on paper is Jeanne Jaudry. New Porcelain tile installations from Brattleboro artists Natalie Blake and Cynthia Houghton. Images from nature in Houghton’s elegant and animated etching style, customized to fit any space, in a broad spectrum of colors for which Blake studios is famed. ■ March 1–April 30: The World by Bill Long:⌘Animator and Illustrator Bill Long shows⌘work for sale from his latest book, featured this winter at the Brattleboro Museum. Long has illustrated several works, and before relocating to Vermont, he created animation for Beavis and Butt-head and Nickelodian for television. ■ March 1– April 3: The Women’s Show. Benefit for the Women’s film festival. Kaori Hamura, Laurel Hausler, Marilyn Andrews, Gwen Murphy, Denise Beaudette. The common thread here is the ability to laugh.

Gallery North Star 151 Townshend Road, Grafton 10am-5pm daily (Tues. by chance) 802 843-2465
Thru March 7: Julie Y Baker Albright solo show.

The Gallery at the Rhodes Art Center Northfield Mount Hermon 1 Lamplighter Way, Mount Hermon, Mass., 413 498-3000
Thru March 3: Sculpture and Paintings by Phyllis Rosser.

Hunter Gallery of Fine Art and Hunter Artworks 74 Main Street and 56 Townshend Road, Grafton 802 843-1440
Select images of the Maine Seacoast, Vermont Villages, Country Life and Private Collections.

Putney School Gallery 418 Houghton Brook Road, Putney
Thru Feb. 20: Print show featuring 140 etchings and watercolors by long-time Putney School staff member Brian D. Cohen. Cohen’s etchings are carefully planned and include subjects like transportation (trains, bridges, ships, or zeppelins), music and natural history.

Spiral Press Café/ Northshire Bookstore 4 69 Main Street, Manchester Center 10am – 9pm Tues-Sat, 10am-7pm Sun-Mon. 802 362-9944
Through Sept: Nature of Awe: Two Photographic Perspectives. Christine Glade and Tom Reed exhibiting stunning photography in the natural world.

Tilting at Windmills 24 Highland Avenue, Manchester Center 10am-5pm, Mon.-Sat, 10am-4pm Sun., 802 362-3022
Feb. 14: Special Valentine’s Day Event: Gerald Lubeck and Louis Guarnaccia artist reception and painting demonstration from 3-5pm.

Vermont Center for Photography 49 Flat Street, Brattleboro 2 pm-7pm, Fri., noon–5pm, Sat.-Sun., 802 251-6051
March 5: Vermont Center for Photography Member’s Show. ■ April 2: The Landscape Show: A Juried Exhibition.

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