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Richard Sneary, “Triple Warren”; 2014, watercolor, 10 in. x 20 in. Part of the exhibit "Boxcars: Railroad Imagery in Contemporary Realism,” at Brattleboro Museum and Art Center, through March 12.

Richard Sneary, “Triple Warren”; 2014, watercolor, 10 in. x 20 in. Part of the exhibit “Boxcars: Railroad Imagery in Contemporary Realism,” at Brattleboro Museum and Art Center, through March 12.

Bennington Center for the Arts

44 Gypsy Lane, Bennington

10a to 5p, Wed-Mon (closed Tues), 802 442-7158

Ongoing: Exhibitions by many of the country’s most prestigious groups along with artists we chose to participate in shows that we curate annually have given The Bennington a reputation of a venue that exhibits only world-class art in an elegant, state-of-the-art facility. At the Covered Bridge Museum, discover the history and legends of covered bridges in the world’s only museum dedicated to their preservation. Also on site are a variety of wind sculptures — some up to 27 feet tall.

Bennington Museum

75 Main St., Route 9, Bennington

10a to 5p (closed Wed), 802 477-1571

Thru Dec 29: The Festival, Reimagined. Twenty-eight pieces of original artwork created by contemporary artists who have re-imagined, reinterpreted, and responded to the 4-foot Memory Ware Tower, one of the newest additions to the museum’s collection, are on view and ready for your bid in a closed bid auction, which ends Dec 29. Thru Dec 31: The Other Working Landscape: Watercolors by Tom Leytham, an exhibition in which artist and architect Tom Leytham brings to the viewer images of a working landscape that hides in plain sight. While most think of hayfields, woodlands, and pastures as working landscapes, Leytham creates paintings from the harsh beauty of dilapidating industrial landscapes including mills, factories and quarries. Ongoing: The museum offers 13 galleries of permanent and changing exhibits from the newly installed masterworks by Anna Mary Robertson “Grandma” Moses in the Grandma Moses Gallery to new paintings by Paul Feeley, Helen Frankenthaler, and Jules Olitski in Bennington Modernism.

Charlie Hunter, "Boxcar," 2014, oil and encaustic, 6 x 12 inches

Charlie Hunter, “Boxcar,” 2014, oil and encaustic, 6 x 12 inches

Brattleboro Museum & Art Center

10 Vernon St., Brattleboro

11a to 5p (closed Tues), 802 257-0124

Thru Jan 3: Shedding Light on the Working Forest. A collaboration between painter Kathleen Kolb and poet Verandah Porche, this exhibit celebrates the working forest and the voices of those who have honed their skills and made a living there. Thru Jan 3: Stories in Color: Bruce Linn. Vibrant paintings reveal a mastery of color. Linn exploits the ability of color to evoke emotional and symbolic associations and describe the world. Feb 6: 13th Annual Collegiate A Cappella Concert, 7:30p. Thru Feb 8: Drawing On, In, Out. I love the experience of looking at drawings. They have an immediacy that is often masked in paintings and sculptures. Thru Feb 8: Recovering the Body. In their collaborative painting series, Recovering the Body, Craig Stockwell and Jon L. McAuliffe join their disparate artistic styles and techniques to explore themes of agency and artistic impulse. Feb 15: 9th Annual Domino Toppling Extravaganza, 5p. Feb 25: Georgia O’Keefe in New Mexico, talk by Tim Weed, 7p. March 5: UMASS Percussion Group Concert, 7p. Thru March 12: Penumbra: Evan Coronis. Glass is a material intimately connected with the ways in which human beings experience the world. Feb 28: Artist Talk: Charlie Hunter, 2p. Thru March 12: Boxcars: Railroad Imagery in Contemporary Realism. For over 150 years, railroads have stirred the artistic imagination. This intimate show explores a sampling of contemporary realist painters utilizing the power of the rails in their work.

The Clark Art Institute

225 South St., Williamstown, Mass

10a to 5p Tuesday thru Sunday, 413 458-2303

Thru April 10: An Eye for Excellence: Twenty Years of Collecting. Focusing on some of the very best works of art acquired by the Clark since 1995, the exhibition tells the stories of collectors who have donated objects to the museum; how these new objects enhance the existing collection; and the process of accepting an object — either by purchase or gift — into the collection. Thru 2016: Thomas Schütte: Crystal. Contemporary artist Thomas Schütte (German, b. 1954) is best known for his public, large-scale sculptures of figures that re-imagine the role of statuary and monuments. The artist’s fascination with architecture as a kind of public sculpture that is both symbolic and practical complements his figurative practice and its exploration of the human form.

The Great Hall

100 River St., Springfield, 802 258-3992

Thru April 30: Feather & Fur: Portraits of Field, Forest & Farm. Portraits celebrating the beauty, intelligence, and grace of animals by nine artists renewing a sense of wonder and awareness for animals and nature. The portraits convey a poetry and beauty that are part of the animal’s story.

Southern Vermont Arts Center, Yester House Gallery

West Road, Manchester

10a to 5p Tues-Sat, noon to 5p Sun, 802 362-2522, 362-1405

Thru Jan 3: Celebrating 65 Years On the Hill. This exhibition shows the works of important figures from our Permanent Collection, in Gallery II, with works of invited current artist members on exhibition throughout the rest of Yester House. Opening Jan 9: 2016 Winter Member Exhibition.

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