Cozy-casual Four Columns Inn lives again

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The recently reopened Four Columns Inn

Four Columns Inn has been the touchpoint of southern Vermont’s cultural, artistic, and culinary scene since 1965. That tradition is honored in the newly renovated and reopened Four Columns.

In the 1960s, when the Inn was first opened as a guest house, it was imagined as a top-level lodging and dining destination. Operated by Rene and Pierrette Chardain, the Four Columns was the first true farm-to-table restaurant in the United States, preceding the legendary Alice Waters by four years. The pond was stocked with trout; the garden abounded with vegetables and herbs; chickens and pigs were raised on-site; game birds were sourced from local hunters. The Inn became a top-notch national destination. Executive Chef Greg Parks built on that foundation for 35 years.

The Chardains sold the Inn in 1981. Loyal patrons were heartbroken when, after seeing a change in owners several times, the Four Columns Inn closed its doors nearly two years ago. Looking at the jewel — located in gorgeous Newfane’s square and so easily accessible from New York City, Boston, and Hartford — Charles Mallory, founder and CEO of the Delamar Hotels in Connecticut, saw an opportunity to restore what he boasts as “a treasure we couldn’t lose.”

Together with Chef Frederic Kieffer, Mallory decided to put Four Columns back on the map by pairing it with Artisan Restaurant and continuing the inn’s commitment to support sustainable practices.

The dining room at the Four Columns Inn

The dining room at the Four Columns Inn

Renovations have been underway for the past 18 months. Today the inn enjoys a contemporary look rooted in its peaceful Vermont heritage. All 16 rooms are spacious and beautifully appointed, many with oversized bathrooms, soaking tubs, and fireplaces. Each is an oasis of tranquility and luxury.

Mallory says he and Kieffer wanted to maintain all that people loved about Four Columns, and took great care to further enhance their experience.

To complete the Four Columns’ renaissance, a wellness center and spa were added, with a European-style steam room and a fully stocked gym that complements the outdoor pool. Hiking and snow-shoe trails let nature lovers traverse 138 gorgeous acres. A natural stream and magnificent gardens provide the ultimate country wedding and event destination.

Here guests will see that no effort was spared in proving due respect to the inn’s — and the village’s — heritage. Farm-conscious Artisan Restaurant and Tavern celebrates the abundance of agriculture and food craftspeople of Vermont. From this base of simple, authentic ingredients, Kieffer creates plentiful, wholesome dishes that appeal to all palates and cultivate the Artisan philosophy.

The Tavern was envisioned to be a favorite spot for diners to enjoy simpler fare. In this cozy-casual setting, friends can gather to enjoy time together in conversation or in cheering on the team brought to them by large, high-def television. There’s also occasional live music and, naturally, carefully selected libations. The bar features an impressive variety of local beer and hard cider, small batch wines and cocktails.

The Four Columns looks forward to welcoming guests to Newfane and sharing this vibrant corner of Southern Vermont.

For information on rates, activities, menus, and the historic buildings of Four Columns, at 21 West St., visit

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