Behind the Bylines

Behind the Bylines

Joyce Marcel,
a frequent contributor to these pages and the writer of “Brattleboro Bling,” page 34, arched an eyebrow when given the assignment to write about the role of jewelry in the life, arts, and economy of Brattleboro. But she came back from the assignment duly impressed. “From mastodon bones to diamonds, it all seems to be happening in Brattleboro,” she writes. “I’d like a diamond tiara, myself.” Marcel also was duly impressed with the, shall we say, nontraditional uses of maple syrup that she reported on in this issue’s Vermont Food and Wine section (page 40).

Allison Teague
(“Artists as Vermonters, Vermonters as Artists,” page 22) writes from Southern Vermont for a number of publications and is no stranger to the life of an artist: Her father, R. Lewis Teague, was an abstract expressionist second-generation New York School painter, and she also is a painter and a sculptor. In 2012, she curated a retrospective of the industrial design of her grandfather, Walter Dorwin Teague, for the Madisonian Museum of Industrial Design in Waitsfield.

Katherine P. Cox
(“Say Bake to the Cake,” page 32) is one of our regular contributors. A former writer and editor at the Keene Sentinel in Keene, N.H., her work has appeared in Vermont’s Local Banquet, Monadnock Table, and Here in Hanover.

Marty Ramsburg (Wine Observed, page 44) co-owns Windham Wines in Brattleboro ( The shop has just moved to Putney Road.

Thelma O’Brien
has enjoyed a long newspaper career as a dogged reporter who loves writing about food, thus casting her in the perfect role to track down information about maple syrup for the stories in this issue (Local Flavor, page 40). O’Brien currently contributes news and features to The Commons.

Jeff Potter
, who by day edits The Commons, an award-winning, nonprofit community newspaper based in Brattleboro, is proud to design this magazine and contribute some editorial support. Potter (shown here in the cluttered newsroom with advertising designer Jessica LaPatta taste-tasting maple syrup for “It’s a Tough Job, but Somebody Had to Do It,” page 42) has been working in and around newspapers, magazines, and high-end graphic design studios for just shy of 30 years. He joins his colleagues at The Commons in supporting publisher Lynn Barrett in shepherding this wonderful community resource into print and online.


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