What’s New

What’s New

New Gallery Opens in Manchester

A recent addition to the Manchester scene is Epoch Gallery, a cooperative craft gallery featuring the work of 18 Vermont artists and artisans. Furniture, glass, pottery, photography, and jewelry are only a few of the mediums represented. One of the unique features of the gallery is that the store will always be attended by one of the 18 participating artists. Local artists include Bob Gasperetti, Lucy Bergamini, Nick Seidner, Phyllis Lee, Ellen Howard, and Diane Rosenmiller. Stop in at 4927 Main Street. It’s a beautiful gallery and worth the trip.

New Association of Artists and Craftspeople Formed in West Brattleboro

Brattleboro-West Arts (BWA) is an association of artists and craftspeople working in the villages of West Brattleboro and Marlboro, dedicated to supporting the artistic and economic growth of its members and community. As Doug Cox, founding member and renowned violinmaker, explains, “It grew out of an analysis of West Brattleboro’s economy and an identification of the kind of town it wanted to be. We realized that we have a lot of craftsmen and artists working in the area. The question was how could we make them more successful. Besides helping with marketing, we’re also providing business support—informed business support if they need it.”

Current members include Cox, Josh and Marta Bernbaum, Petria Mitchell and Jim Giddings, Michelle and David Holzapfel, Malcolm Wright, Naomi Lindenfeld, Cai Xi Silver, Matthew Tell, Karen Kamenetsky, Kris McDermott, Ron Karpius, Sharon Myers, Jason Breen, Nat Waring, Zachary Roseman, Walter Slowinski and Mark Littlehales.

BWA will hold its first annual Fall Studio Tour on September 19th and 20th. Select members of the group will open their studios to the public so that people can observe the creative process in its native environment, and have the chance to purchase the fruits of the process.  brattleboro-west-artists.com.

New Gallery Opens on the Common in Chester

Landers & LeCours Collective Art LLP opened its doors in July. The privately owned gallery is owned and operated by Jess Landers & Meesh LeCours and will feature the talents of local Vermont artists from Chester and the surrounding area. Works will include fine wall art, jewelry, pottery, sculpture and glass. Landers & LeCours will also offer custom framing to artists from their in-house frame shop.  The space includes a Children’s Studio and registration for art classes will open this summer. Visit the gallery Thursday – Saturday from 10am–5pm and on Sundays from 11am–4pm. 80 The Common, Chester Vermont. 802-875-1227. collectiveart@landersandlecours.com.

Windham Art Gallery Finds a Friend!

It was sad to see that The Windham Art Gallery closed its doors due to a bleak financial outlook in April after years of being a fixture on Main Street. To the Rescue: Co-owners of the Blue Moose store and Café, Paul Faust and Ken Flutie have come forward to offer a new home for some the artists. “The Café has large wall space and room behind the kitchen that hasn’t been open to the public for years,” reports Faust. According to a story in the Brattleboro Reformer, Faust contacted them the first day the story in the Reformer came out. “I ran over there with business cards and told them to come talk to me.” A contract was signed as a tryout to give the 27 artists a chance to re-group and keep showing their work. Several of the artists will be exhibiting their work in other galleries including the C.X. Silver Gallery on Western Avenue in Brattleboro and the West Village Meeting House on South Street in West Brattleboro. See the artists work on display during Brattleboro’s year-round first Friday of the month Gallery Walk.

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