September 2017

Today I enjoyed each page with my cup of coffee.
Forgive me for not telling you sooner what a beautiful publication it is.
Sort of like the New Yorker for New England.
Great work!!
-Susan Macneil

June 2017:

The issue is fabulous! Thank you Lynn! We’ve already had 5 guests come in and get copies, asking hopefully if they could take one.

You do a fantastic job and I’ve always loved the magazine. Thanks so much for all the coverage!

Southern Vermont Arts Center, Manchester, VT


I have to remember to look at the information here before I plan vacations! Jeepers!! I keep missing wonderful opportunities to see wonderful art. (Is there an emoticon for shooting yourself in the foot???).

HOLLIS HELMECI (on Facebook)


Beautiful! By the way, I always keep these in my guest suite and they are very appreciated and popular!

Pleasant Street Suite, Saxton’s River, VT


Great publication!

KATHRYN TURNAS (on Facebook)